On these sides we make available some from Peter Feuchtwangers's essays. Some essays are available only as PDF file. They need the Acrobat reader for the opinion.

In his essay about Domenico Scarlatti Peter Feuchtwanger traces the rootes of the great but much to unknown composer.
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The essay Belcanto on a percussion instrument follows to the topic of the pianistic act of touch.
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Chopin: Poet an misunderstood innovator is a homage to the master of the Bel Canto on the piano.
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Will the real Chopin please stand up?
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We make this text available as PDF.
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On the importance of sitting correctly at the piano
The internationally renowned teacher Peter Feuchtwanger begins a series of three articles with a strongly-worded plea for proper posture to combat the physical problems that beset so many pianists
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Pianists behaving badly
The stresses and strains many pianists encounter can result from their own bad habits.
Peter Feuchtwanger goes back to basics to find where many are going wrong.
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Encounters with a Legend - Youra Guller: a great spiritual force
Peter Feuchtwanger recalls a great artist and a cherished friend
This article is an homage to the great but unfortunately much to unknown pianist and friend of Peter Feuchtwangers.
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Kathleen Ferrier
Zum hundersten Geburtstag in tiefer Verehrung
Von Peter Feuchtwanger
Dieser Artikel würdigt ausführlich die Altistin Kathleen Ferrier, die neben Clara Haskil den tiefsten musikalischen Eindruck auf Peter Feuchtwanger gemacht hat.
The English Version of this Articel will follow soon.
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Peter Feuchtwanger admires a Wigmore Hall Debut recital by the young American mezzo Laurie Rubin.
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Please consider also the Interviews with Peter Feuchtwanger.
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